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3 users have taken profit of the transfer discount Codes, Offers & Voucher codes transfer: All the Promocodes, Offers & Deals on June 2019 transfer Many GEO's affiliate campaign Important information for English-speaking publishers: we have domain - please bring traffic there directly.  Please check-out the whole link to in "landing pages". transfer Many GEO's is a modern online booking platform for transfers around the world. 145 countries 36 000 cities 4 500 airports and ports/railway stations A possibility of booking geo - geo, for example between hotels More than 6,000,000 routes to specific hotels/resorts More than 4,000 shipping companies 165 types of vehicles with photos of drivers + interior and additional services from carriers. Suppliers are reliable and professional local companies Choose the type of transfer - from the convertible to the bus The choice of price - from economy bus to luxury cars, boats and helicopters A partner network of 2500 partners Advantages of transfer Many GEO's: Transparent and easy to understand search by hotel name, villa address Early booking - well organized trips No need for roaming at the place of arrival Suppliers are reliable and professional local companies Departure time is calculated automatically: based on road traffic Final prices, without hidden commissions The choice of car "by size" - by the number of passengers, luggage and other features A choice of car model - photos of vehicles on routes Multimodal ground-water-to-ground transfer Prices are competitive and always in real time In the description of the car listed chips: Wi-Fi, ski mounts, water, etc. "Convenient" instructions - simple and understandable for both parties: both the driver and the client - the lack of a language barrier The average bill for the Intui transfer service is 70 EUR. The target audience of buyers: independent travellers who do not use travel packages business people delegations families with children aged people people with disabilities tourists with a language barrier tourists travelling for the first time athletes travelling with sports equipment A handy catalogue of transfers of the countries in the 7 languages: RU: EN: DE: IT: FR: ES: CN: Join transfer Many GEO's and earn more!
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