Holded ERP Software (EN): Voucher Codes, Offers & Discounts June 2021

Holded ERP Software (EN): All the Promocodes, Offers & Deals on June 2021

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Holded ERP Software (EN)
Holded is an ERP software for the management of modern companies. It allows you to increase your sales, reduce your expenses and save time managing all your business in a single platform that offers you all the information you need to make better decisions. It is a software designed for all types of companies, which adapts to your needs and you can personalized very easily, to suit all your business needs and requirements.

Register now for free and start using this great ERP software. Currently more than 20,000 businesses rely on Holded!

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Who is Holded ERP software made for?
For Small and Medium Businesses, Advising, Consultants and Self-Employed

What can be done with Holded ERP software?
Holded software adapts to the real needs of your company, advice and you as a freelancer, and incorporates a series of very easily customizable packages or applications.

Applications that incorporate the Holded ERP:
 - Billing to manage your buy and your sales
 - Accounting to manage your profit and loss accounts, account balance (weekly, monthly and annual), Sum and Sale books, Ledger books, automatic entries, accounting plan and all parameterized for you, so you can not worry about the operative part All synchronized with your bank automatically.
 - CRM to manage the most important of all: your customers. With the Holded CRM you can focus on customer acquisition, follow up, access all customer information in order to make the best decisions about them in order to increase the benefit of your company.
 - Inventory Management to manage all your Products (catalog, attributes, lots, packs, variants, rates, warehouses, etc.), purchase process (order from the supplier, receipt, delivery note, billing), sales (orders, shipping location and billing), stock movements between warehouses
 - Project Management to manage all your staff, assigning tasks and seeing in a very simple way where your projects are, all integrated with billing and accounting.
 - Human Resources Management to manage Contracts, Absences, payrolls, etc.

What else does Holded offer?
Integrations with Banks, your payments and collections online, synchronization with your online store / e-commerce and an entire API portal to connect all the features that Holded offers with your own system.
Help and support at all levels: a whole knowledge base in different fields with an Academy of more than 1000 sensational articles, online and telephone chat.

And all this at an incredible price!

But exactly what is an ERP?
Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) systems are the information systems for print managers, which integrate and manage many of the businesses associated with production and production operations. the aspects of distribution of a company in the production of goods or services.

Enterprise resource planning is a term derived from manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) and followed by material requirements planning (MRP); However, ERPs have evolved towards subscription models due to the use of the service (SaaS, cloud computing).

ERP systems typically handle the company's production, logistics, distribution, inventory, shipments, invoices and accounting in a modular way.

Holded ERP integrates all these features and here and now you can get a good discount and offer for your new ERP!

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