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About is a website to make your life easier when you are doing your daily online purchases, helping you to save all the money possible through a lot of Deals, Discount Coupons in your favorite online stores for Travel, Fashion, Gifts, home, insurances, all about your pets, etc.

We collect hundreds and hundreds of offers with great discounts so that when you make the pruechases, you can get always the lowest prices and thus get you a little money that you can spend as you want: in mojitos, a romantic dinner, souvenirs or simply saving some good money!

We will not charge you anything for this service, it's free!
You have nothing to lose and much money to save!
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Now, just search the hotel, airline company, fashion mark, gifts store and discover what offers and promo codes they offer, book or buy on your favourite online store website and make a smart purchase taking advantage of all the discounts we offer in monster!


Happy and monstrous shopping!

Who is behind

David Rivera Pericas. Owner of Monster-Coupons

Hi there! Yes, that's me, the one on that picture! My name is David Rivera, the's daddy.

hope this website helps you find offers, deals and coupons which helps you on saving a lot of money and so you can have a good cocktail ... or invite one to me! :P

Talking a little bit about me: I'm an engineer in Telecommunications and I live in Mallorca, Spain, a beautiful place to live in. Yes, I am fortunate, just as I am fortunate to work at Affilired, a leading Digital Marketing company focused on the Travel sector.I work as the Head of the Development Department ... but why is this man telling me all this stuff?
... I just wanted to tell you that the most important point here is that everything that appears on, all its offers, discounts, coupons and content are 100% reliable, verified and verified.I can not and I do not want to cheat, just wanna to offer you the opportunity to do make your online purchases in a smart way and saving a lot of money.

Feel free to follow me or contact me through my social networks:

Imagine that in this picture I'm saying: CHEERS!

We think: nice numbers are a guarantee! At least we love them :)

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