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Monster-Coupons.com was born at the beginning as a small website, whose purpose was to help you chap, with offers, promotions, codes and discounts searching, giving you the chance to save money on your holidays reservations (Hotel Chain, Airlines, Ferries, Excursions, etc.) without costing you an arm and a leg!

We've been so excited, that we've included thousands other Brands offering promotions, codes and discounts from other categories for you to shop on line, as:

We've been even more excited that we've created a tool for you to calculate how many hundreds of euros/pounds you'll be able to save and spend on your next mojitos, your next romantic getaway or to give yourself a good treat.
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WhY monster-coupons.com?

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Our idea is not rocket science, and we cannot say that we are the #Numbers1, but there is one thing that we can assure you: the whole team works daily with the maximum effort for you, to have the most monstrous discounts.
We collect hundreds and hundreds of offers and discount coupons that offer the most “yummy” discounts on the market! 

The best? We won't charge you anything for this service, it's free!
If you want to invite us to a mojito ‘cos you saved a lot of money at the end, we will be  waiting for you in Mallorca, Spain where we live.

Follow us on our social networks and stay abreast of all the offers we add.

Start to save money now and enjoy our monstrous offers!

We think: nice numbers are a guarantee! At least we love them :)

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