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Today being foresight helps save.. The word "Before" has become synonymous with "cheaper." What does the term “Early Booking” mean and why is this so popular nowadays?

We are talking about the Early Booking or Advance Booking promotions that many hotels , as well as the aircraft companies and the rent a car have been proposing in the last few years to the clients, in order to save if they plan their holiday several months in advance and they book them>. For this reason, they offer discount codes and offers during wintertime, and always before the spring/summer season. In this way, you can book your summer vacations with maximum savings 

These promotions allow those who book in advance to enjoy many advantages:
- lower prices, offers, discounts to be able to save on hotel reservations, cruises, plane tickets and car rentals compared to those who book their vacations at the last minute
- greater availability of products: if you arrive much earlier you can choose the best hotel room, the best cabins on a cruise ship, etc. for- free cancellation you can book and then change your mind you have a guaranteed option. Many companies offer a very open and flexible cancellation policy, favoring the buyer. In most cases, the cancellation policy can be very flexible, so flexible that it can offer 100% free cancellation fees

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