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All about the Single's day 11.11

November 11, 2019 is Singles Day . It is a super special day, especially for the Chinese people, as it was dedicated to the solveros, but very cleverly the Alibaba group (Chinese giant dedicated to B2B and B2C sales, with AliExpress) appropriated it. The Alibaba group very quickly established that day as their own, and was instilling throughout China that that day was World Shopping Day (something like Black Friday for Americans.) Finally on 11.11 (Day of the singles) has spread globally and many of our advertisers offer incredible discounts, offers and prices that day.
It's a great time to save a little money to make all your online purchases very discounted.
That day, and only during that day, all or most of the products ( clothes, bags, online services, hotel rooms for your trips, cosmetics, electronic devices, mobiles, furniture and everything you can imagine, will be discounted, with offers never seen the rest of the year, with amazing discounts, unique and that can only be seen and enjoyed on 11.11 (11th November).

Offers and Discounts on Singles Day 11.11 by Monster-Coupons

Since monster-coupons.com we have been 7 years and therefore 7 Singles Day, 7 x 11.11's where we see how Online purchases soar, and it is not a lie, it is not nonsense, because you can save a lot of money if you buy through the Offers and Discounts for 11.11 that we present below. Think that Christmas parties are coming soon, where we like to give others a gift and also give us a gift car :). Why not take advantage of the Offers of 11.11 Monster-coupons to save you a lot of money on Christmas shopping?

What does it sound good? ... Well there are all the Offers and Discount Coupons of 11.11

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